AV2 Latest Generation 2.5mm Super High Resolution LED Screen

Now available from Anna Valley, the new AV2 is the absolute latest technology in super high resolution 2.5mm black faced LED screen.

The new matt surface is optimised for on-camera and the results offer stunning detail and vibrant high contrast ratio images.

Each AV2 LED panel is 480mm square.


  • Extremely high pixel density.
  • New matt surface finish optimised for camera
  • Black LED with high contrast ratio 5000:1
  • Aluminum cabinet design, light weight and high precision
  • Silent operation
  • Extra wide viewing angles
Pixel Pitch      2.5mm
Brightness   1000 cd/m2
LED Type 3-in-1 SMD2121
Cabinet Size 480 x 480 x 88.24
Pixel Density 160,000 per m2
Pixels per Panel 192 x 192 dots
Viewing Angle 140H / 140V
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Colour 281.4 trillion
Ingress Protection IP30
Processign Depth                                                                                               16 bit
Weight per Tile                                                       11.5kgs
Temperature    0 to 450C




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