DuoLED 12mm

DuoLED is a lightweight mesh product with the advantages of transparency, ease of handling, and an extra benefit. As the name suggests, DuoLED is a dual mode product. It can be used as a mesh screen and, with a simple flick of a switch, transforms into a standard display panel. The second mode is achieved by a revolutionary set of shutters that close behind the mesh and give the panels a solid appearance.

Below are videos of DuoLed 12mm LED featured in a TV show and making two columns displaying vertical scrolling graphics and a rotating 3D image.

  • Great value product for Broadcast and Events.
  • High performance, bright and affordable
  • SMD gives high quality image and wide viewing angle
  • Class leading picture processing
  • Switchable Transparency for lighting effects
  • Light weight and fast to rig
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use Panel size 576mm x 576mm
Pixel Brightness 5,000 nit
Viewing angle 120 deg – Horizontal
120 deg – Vertical
Pixel Type SMD 3-in-1
Pixel pitch 12mm
Colours 281 Trillion
Contrast ratio 1,000:1
Video frame rate 50/60Hz
Display refresh rate 100,000Hz
Aperture 35%
Weight 9.1kg
Width 576mm
Height 576mm
Depth 115mm
Pixels/panel 48 x 48
Power/panel 1.5Amps (peak white)
YC, Composite
Mounting system Hanging structure
Ingress protection IP65

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