G4 Dual Touch Multi Touch Overlay 55″

The Multitouch G4 is the latest generation touch screen overlay with multiple simultaneous touch points, which can be easily mounted onto most LCD, LED or Plasma screens. we provide an easy and reliable Multitouch solution to help deploy Multitouch technology instantly to existing screens without any configuration.

Because of the simplicity and portability of Multitouch G4 Dual , it can be easily used in meeting room, conference, exhibition, event shows, classrooms and command & control area. It can be easily placed on stand, wall or built into a coffee table.

The new G4 Multitouch Overlay is the latest version of the cutting edge overlay hardware. With a slimmer frame, faster response time, Android compatibility and smart assembly; the G4 is a leap forward in multitouch technology.

This product is used with Anna Valley’s 55″ Samsung ME55C 


  • Slimmer frame design (8mm depth, 21mm width)
  • Faster response time (200 frames per second)
  • Non-friction glass with easily removable tape
  • Smart assembly feature: No connection cables, No connectors, No slots
  • Spill proof construction
  • New Android compatibility
  • Touch technology: LED Cell Imaging
  • Reliability: Unlimited
  • Frame color: Black powered-coated (Custom colors available upon request)
  • 200 Frames Per Second
  • Minimum Detectable Object Size: +- 1.5mm
  • Facing Material: 3mm tempered glass.
  • Construction: Aluminum, printed circuit boards
  • Luminous Transmission: Better than 95% with glass
  • Touch activation force: No pressure required
  • Sampling/Response Time: 7ms – 12ms
  • Splash Proof
  • Working Environment: Indoor & Outdoor.Touch Method: Finger, gloved hand or any other pointer. Stylus minimum 3mm tip.
  • Object shape recognition(Palm, fist recognitions) Connection options: USB Series A
  • Interface: USB 2.0 (Full speed), compatible with USB 1.1 port, HID compliant, plug-and-play compatible
  • USB reported touch resolution 32767×32767
  • OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Android
  • Non-wear high-precision technology
  • Fault-tolerant design
  • Robust construction and Scratch-resistant front glass
  • Drivers and demo software included (as download)
  • Warranty One year


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