Quadrus Ingest Machine

Ingest Machine is a powerful and flexible multi-channel, multi-format recording software.


It can capture multiple SD/HD-SDI streams from live or deck sources directly to the Avid Unity ISIS and check-in to the Avid Interplay.

Ingest Machine supports such innovative capabilities as scheduled capture, optional fallback storage and multi-camera control. As well as replacing 4 professional VTRs, this pre-configured system is a versatile streaming solution and a powerful transcoding system. It’s ideal for multi-camera productions or large archiving projects.



  • Encodes up to 8 streams simultaneously in Avid MXF or MOV format
  • Write to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Generate proxy H.264 stream (800Kbps or 2Mbps)
  • Supports all Avid Media Composer metadata
  • Check in clips in Avid Interplay database with headframe generation
  • Stores clips directly on Avid Unity ISIS, and optionally on a local disk attached to the ingest workstation
  • “Frame Chase Editing” capability
  • Controls decks using Sony RS422 protocol for frame accurate capturing and batch scheduling
  • «Live Cut» capability allows to create edit sequence on the fly




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