Toshiba High Resolution 6mm LED

The Toshiba TR2006R LED Display System delivers outstanding picture quality for demanding indoor applications where ultra-high resolution image quality is essential. This advanced 6mm screen is the first curvable LED system having the ability to curve both concave and convex. It features a 170° angle for maximum audience impact making it perfect for small screen presentations. Like all of our systems, the TR2006R is lightweight, low maintenance and can be used in both modular and fixed installation applications

  • Class leading colour rendition
  • Superb contrast ratio
  • Lowest video delay – Perfect for Live performance
  • Widest angle of view of any 6mm LED
  • Curvable wall, both concave and convex with creative modules
LED Pixels 6 mm pitch – 3 in 1 (RGB) SMD-type (Surface-Mount Display) LEDs
Brightness 2,400 cd/square meter (Calibrated)
Display Colors over 1 billion colors
Image Depth approximately 1,024 steps, 10 bit minimum
Viewing Angle 170 degrees from any angle
Pixel Number 64 (H) x 64 (V)
Display Size 384 x 384 mm (15.12″ x 15.12″) = 0.15 square meters (1.6 square feet)
(approx. 21-inch diagonally)
Weight 9 Kg (19.84 lbs)
Power Consumption 230 Watt (MAX)
Power Supply AC100V – 240V single phase
Curved Up to 20 degrees concave / Up to 10 degrees convex
Minimum Radius Concave = 1.1 meters (3.61 ft) / Convex = 2.2 meters (7.22 ft)

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